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Hi! My name is Leslie. (not pictured)

I started Love Your Pet pet sitting service in 1997. I have loved and cared for animals since I was very young. Everything from rats and rabbits to goats and horses have been a part of my life. I enjoyed my childhood chores; including milking the goat!

Go-Go was a very special nanny-goat. She loved rock 'n roll. She would stand on her hind feet and swing her head right and left, dancing with me and my sisters. We were quite a sight!

I presently live with Murphy, a poodle/terrier, two very special kitties, three wacky birds and a bunch of fin-y friends. We all live happily in the Santa Suzanna Mountains.

I care for the pets in my charge as I care for my own. I provide loving company and play so they are content and comfortable during your absence.

I may even teach them a few dance moves.

Call me at (818) 883 0208.

  • Free Meet & Greet
  • Serving San Fernando & Simi Valleys
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Licensed & Bonded
  • References Available


  • No Stress For You Or Your Pet
  • Pet Stays On Accustomed Daily Routine
  • Pet Enjoys Familiar Surroundings Of Home
  • No Exposure To Common Kennel Diseases
  • Feeding Schedule & Diet Remain The Same
  • Exercising, Walking & Playing
  • Transportation To Vet Or Groomer
  • Prescribed Medications Administered
  • Home Security


  • Water Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Bring In Mail & Newspaper
  • Turn Lights, Stereo & TV On For Pet's Comfort & Security
  • Personal Services



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